Starting Over

  • Get out and enjoy the community, find out what makes it special.
  • Respond to the welcoming efforts of others, or take the initiative and introduce yourself to them. Invite them over for cookies and tea.
  • Contact a doctor and a dentist. Have your records transferred. Your present doctor may be able to refer you to professionals in the new city.
  • Take your pet to a local vet.
  • Contact the local post office, make sure your mail is forwarded properly.
  • Ask neighbors about door-to-door services. Find out about trash pickup; some communities may require you to contract this service.
  • Contact municipal offices in your new city to find out what provisions are made for recycling and yard waste.
  • Take time to decorate your home. Immediately set up a room and decorate it so that it feels homely. This is a safe spot to return to when you and your family is tired.
  • Notify your attorney so that changes can be made to your legal documents if necessary.
  • Auto insurance may have to be modified for the new area.

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