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Relocating requires much more than simply moving your belongings to a new place. You have to prepare yourself change, prepare your new home for arrival, and prepare your current residence for departure.

You may have an elderly parent living with or close to you, in which case we recommend you look at our tips on Relocating With or Without An Elderly Parent.

Moving from one place to another also involves changing jobs, so here are a few tips on how to make that career move

  • Prepare Your Resume - As soon as you and your spouse have made the decision to relocate, get your resume ready, you will need it if you are not transferring within the same company, and it's better to get that out of the way than having to do it while you pack or unpack.
  • Start your job search ASAP - Start your job search, preferably while employed. This will relieve you of the stress of finding a new job as you settle into your new community.
  • Transfer - Ask your employer if they have a facility in the new city, a transfer may be possible.
  • Check the Competition - Maybe you worked in a field where you competed with a company similar to the one you are with. Check if they have an office in that city and you may be able to work with them.
  • Make Your Move Known - Let your friends and coworkers know you are moving; they may have some good ideas.
  • Search Firms - Make an appointment with the personnel/human resources directory of your spouse's firm. Ask for suggestions, name of each firms and employment agencies used by the firm. Take your resume
  • Personal Recommendation - Ask your present employer for a letter of recommendation on company stationary to enclose with your resume.
  • Leave Everything Correct - Make sure you leave your present position under the best possible circumstances. Train your replacement if you're asked to.
  • Check State Requirements - If you work in a licensed or certified profession, check your new city's state office requirements immediately.
  • Ask Your Real Estate Agent - Ask your agent for suggestions, such as new companies in town or openings from expansion in the area.
  • Large And Small - Don't be fooled by size, consider both large and small companies.
  • Temporary Work - Finding temporary work in your field may give you local references and access to in-house job postings.
  • Relocation Expenses - Notify potential employers that your relocation expenses are covered, now you can compete evenly with local applicants.
  • Expanding your Business - Consider opening a second branch of your business if you have been self-employed or consider a franchise.

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