Relocating With Your Children

  • Be positive about your new environment; children pick up parent's attitudes.
  • Maintain your family schedule - Try to maintain a normal family environment as much as possible; stress comes with change but maintaining a familiar structure will give your children extra security needed in their new surroundings.
  • Take your child with you when meeting new neighbors. This is a great way for them to meet new friends
  • Check out child and day care organizations thoroughly. Check references and talk to parent who have children enrolled.
  • Take your child to visit the school, meet the principal, secretaries, counselor, and teacher; providing a familiar person for the child to seek out in case of a problem will ease their introduction to the new community.
  • Make sure all school records were transferred correctly; any errors could cause serious problems in the future and should be taken care of immediately.
  • Seek academic tutoring for child if he or she has dramatically different levels of subjects in the new school.
  • Ask your child questions about school, they may tell you about problems that may have risen.
  • Attend school functions, get acquainted with staff and other parents.
  • Encourage your child to invite friends over to your new home, you will get a better idea of your child's new friends.
  • Sign them up for one or two activities, for sports, or lessons where social interaction can present itself. Make your children feel a part of the community.
  • Try to meet the parents of your child's friends. You will find out if you would like your children to visit their homes.
  • Plan mini-adventures around the city. The more they know about it the better more they will feel at home.
  • If possible, allow your child to buy some things common to the area: a skateboard, a bike, clothing may not have been "necessities" in your previous home.
  • Allow your child some "quiet time" with no commitments. Children need to internalize the new change.

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