Dogs Like Fresh Air

Don't forget your pets need special care when you move. Prepare in advance and have a few things handy before you move to your new home.

So here are a few tips for getting your pet ready to your new home.

Traveling with pets:

1. Think twice about taking your pets on a cross country trip; dogs and cats can get car sick, and being cooped up in a car all day can make them nervous and upset.

2. Just like at home, they have to be fed and watered, so remember to take their water and food dishes.

3. Pets have to make rest stops too. Be sure your pets are leashed to keep them from running off when the car door is opened and so you can walk them in their designated area at rest-stops.

4. If you know where you will stop on your way to your final destination, find out ahead of time what hotels or motels allow pets. National chains usually publish this information.

5. Smaller pets, like hampsters, birds, mice, and such can be transported in the family car fairly easily. Be sure to have enough food and water for them and keep them in their cages. Cover their cage with a cloth to keep them quiet and restful.

6. Keep them away from sudden drafts, direct sunlight, or extreme temperatures.

7. It is not practical to move fish in their aquarium. Plan on giving the fish away and restock the aquarium when you arrive at your new home.

Shipping Pets Takes Time

Shipping Pets:

1. Get a health certificate ready within 10 days of shipment. Acquire proof of vaccination. Canine Carriers, a pet shipping service, recommends that "all cats be immunized for FVR and dogs for Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, and Para-Influence" 20 days prior to shipment.

2. Try to find a trip with a minimum of stops or transfers.

3. Provide a sturdy crate in which your pet will travel. The crate should be comfortable for the pet to stand in, move around, and lie down.

4. Write your name and address and the description of the pet. Write your pet's "call" name so that attendants can talk to him or her. Indicate if the animal bites, write "Live Animal" and place a red arrow to indicate which side is up.

5. Attach a tag with the owner's name, address and the pet's destination to the pet's collar so that if the pet should escape, it can be identified.

6. Put a comfortable pad, a shirt or sweatshirt with your scent on it, and a few of the pet's favourite toys to make him feel more comfortable and at home.

7. Exercise a dog before shipment.

8. Feed a light meal six hours before shipping.

9. Don't give it water within 2 hours of shipping except on a very hot day.

10. If you are not handling your pet's shipment through a professional pet carrier, se sure someone is at your destination ready to pick him up.

11. A kennel can take care of number 10 for you, and can also keep your pet for several days, giving you time to unpack and move in to your new home.


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