Living in El Paso

QUIET STREETS, BUSTLING DOWNTOWN AREAS, bright sunshine, and friendly people await you in El Paso.  Ranking fourth in the state in size, nationwide, El Paso is the third fastest growing metropolitan area in the country.

Metropolitan El Paso includes Las Cruces on the West, New Mexico to the north, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico to the South.

Strong Hispanic roots, nearly 70% of the population, define the base of this community. El Pasoans come from every corner of the globe, welcomed and integrated into a friendly and harmonious tapestry.

Quiet streets, bustling downtown areas, bright sunshine, and friendly people await you in El Paso.

Located midway between Los Angeles and Houston, El Paso is at the westernmost corner of Texas. It borders New Mexico and Mexico, and covers 248 square miles.

Unlike most of Texas, which is in the Central Time Zone, El Pasoans run on Mountain Time. Between April and October, Daylight Savings Time is in effect.

Across the international border, our neighbors in Ciudad Juarez always stay on Central Time (Greater El Paso Association of REALTORS).

El Paso's weather is as varied as its people.  The Southwest desert climate is characterized by low humidity and mild temperatures almost year round.   During the summer hot-spell, evaporative coolers are an effective and energy-efficient way to stay comfortable indoors.

The average summer high is 95 degrees.  Winter highs are between 55 and 60 degrees. Annual rainfall is 8.65 inches - most of which comes in the late summer.


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