Cost of Living in El Paso

EL PASO'S LOCATION along the Texas-Mexico border has had a significant impact on the economy. Counter to statewide trends in the 1980's, El Paso has enjoyed rapid expansion in the last decade. It owes its growth to the Twin Plant industries and a strong military presence. The 1991 Non-Agricultural Employment chart below illustrates El Paso's substantial participation in government, manufacturing, trade, and service (El Paso Chamber of Commerce).

Compared to other major US cities, El Paso maintains a very affordable cost of living standard. El Pasoans pay 96% of the national average for all items (El Paso Chamber of Commerce).

El Paso's earning ability follows nationwide patters with the Northwest and East sides of town showing the highest median family income.

The El Paso metropolitan area is expected to lead the state in the rate of employment growth. By 2011, jobs in trade professions should reach nearly 84,000; manufacturing nearly 66,000; and services (primarily health care and business) nearly 85,000. Growth in personal income will outpace inflation, and the standard of living will continue to improve (Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts).


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